Dentist Carrollton Untreated Tooth Infections

Carrollton TX Dentist Shares Consequences

Many people have had a time in their life when they’ve experienced an infection in their tooth. Although it might seem like a silly question, many people wonder if it’s possible to die from this infection. While the answer is yes, it’s also important to know that it rarely happens. 
What Causes the Danger?
Usually, it’s a combination of bad dental hygiene practices and avoiding your Carrollton TX dentist. As long as you attend your bi-annual appointments, it’s unlikely that an infection would ever become that serious. 
Infections begin in many ways. Your mouth is filled with bacteria and no matter how well you care for it, you can’t make it all go away. When this bacterium is allowed to overgrow, you face infections. This often occurs when a cracked tooth or cavity goes untreated. 
An abscess occurs when the area is left to decay for too long. This area might fill with pus and they often won’t heal on their own. Dr. Pfaffenberger needs to clean the area and give you an antibiotic to kill the bacteria. 
It’s also common in the gums when they begin to pull away from the teeth. This allows pockets which can become infected. 
What Should I Do?
The most important thing you can do is prevent an infection from occurring in the first place. Brush and floss as directed, and don’t skip those dental appointments. If you have an ailment in your mouth, have it repaired immediately. 
Remember that it’s possible for any infection to turn lethal if it is left untreated. If not taken care of, the infection can reach your bloodstream and lead to a blood infection. Then, it spreads to other areas of your body and leads to organ failure and death. Your teeth are close to your brain and spinal cord, so there’s no room for error. 
While this sounds frightening, there’s no reason to be scared. As long as you are acting proactively and you get to your Carrolton, TX dentist for regular appointments, you should have nothing to worry about. Prevention is essential to a healthy mouth and body.