Dentist Carrollton The Effect of Acids on the Teeth

Family Dentist in Carrollton, TX Helps Protect Teeth

There are acids found in many common foods and beverages. These hidden properties of your favorite products could be having a harmful effect on your teeth.  Protect yourself by learning how to avoid the effect acid has on the teeth with the help of your Carrollton family dentist, Dr. Pfaffenberger.
Your enamel is the hard part of your tooth’s surface. This protective layer is meant to keep your tooth safe from any danger. When acids sit on the enamel, they turn this hard layer into a softer substance. Over time, your enamel wears away and you won’t be able to restore it.
Your chance of getting a cavity greatly increases as you continually expose your teeth to acids. While there are steps you can take to minimize this damage, the best action to take is to avoid these products entirely. 
Some common foods and beverages containing acids include:
Soft drinks
Table salt
White flours
White bread
Energy drinks
Sports drinks
Fruit juices
Steps to Protect Your Teeth
Even when you are taking steps to have a healthy diet, you’ll find yourself susceptible to acid damage on the teeth. For example, snacking on fruits and vegetable during your day can expose the teeth to this damage.
The bacteria found in your mouth love to feed on sugars. This also turns into acids. To avoid this damage, you don’t want to snack continuously during the day. It also helps to rinse and floss after eating. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating. This can cause more damage than you would imagine. Instead of brushing, consider chewing some sugar-free gum to help wash away the acids. You can also add in some more nuts and dairy products to help balance the acid levels.
Your teeth are valuable and need to be protected like a precious gem. You only get one set of teeth to last for your entire life. Taking the steps needed to keep them safe from decay should be your primary concern. Talk to your family dentist in Carollton, TX if you have further questions about protecting your mouth from the dangers effects of acid. Our office can be reached at (972) 394-1611, we look forward to hearing from you!