Dentist Carrollton Losing a Dental Crown

Carrollton, TX Dentist Shares Causes of Broken Crowns

Many people with dental crowns, end up losing one. This is not an abnormal phenomenon, but you might wonder why it happens. You might have thought that a dental crown was permanent, but that’s not entirely true. Let’s look at reasons which cause dental crowns to fall off with your Carrollton dentist.
Tooth Decay
Crowned teeth are just as susceptible to cavity and decay. Normally, this decay occurs where the tooth and crown meet. If the crown becomes loose due to decay, just take it with you to the office for repair. If reattaching the old one doesn’t work, a new one can be created.
If you enjoy eating sticky foods like gummy candy, the crown might come loose. Dr. Pfaffenberger is often able to put the crown back on without a problem.
Cement was Washed Out
If the cement that holds your crown in fails, it could become loose. While there are many reasons why this could occur, it normally isn’t a problem reattaching the crown to the tooth.
Your crown was designed to withstand normal usage. Your chewing and biting might cause it to shatter and crack. This is even truer if you chew on solid objects such as pencils or ice. Often, losing a crown because of wear requires a new crown.
Almost 40 million Americans are known to grind their teeth or tightly clench them. This can lead to damage to your crown or dentures. If you suffer from clenching or grinding, it would be wise to invest in a night bite plate for protection.
If Your Crown Comes Off
Losing your dental crown is not considered to be a dental emergency. With that said, you’ll still want to contact the dentist right away. Your tooth might be sensitive or have minor pain. Simply clean your crown gently and allow it to air dry. Wrap it up in a paper towel or plastic wrap and keep it safe until you have an appointment. If you need further guidance about caring for your crown, be sure to speak to your Carrolton, TX dentist at your next visit by calling (972) 394-1611.