Dentist Carrollton Halloween Tips for Good Oral Care

Halloween is a scary holiday for dentists everywhere. It’s the time when many kids wreak havoc on their teeth. It doesn’t need to be this way. Stay clear of emergency dental trips with these Halloween tips from Family Dentist.


Pick the Candy Wisely

Some sweets and candies are worse than others when it comes to the teeth. If you plan to indulge, take out the treats that are dangerous to protect your child. Sticky candies and hard treats are the most dangerous.


Set Reasonable Limits

If you allow your child to eat Halloween candy, pick the appropriate times. Don’t let them eat candy whenever they want and for long periods of time. Snack at a specific time, preferably right after a meal. This is the time when they’ll have the most saliva which will rinse away the leftover debris and sugar.

You can also go through their bag with them and allow them to keep a few favorites. Other than that, get rid of the rest. Some dentists offer sugar-free candy or toothbrushes if you turn in your Halloween candy.


Make Time for Brushing

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to forget how vital brushing is. The big thing to remember is that you don’t want to brush right after eating the candy. Instead, wait about 30 minutes and then clean the teeth. In the meantime, drink a big glass of water to neutralize the dangerous substances on the teeth.


Costume Danger

It isn’t just candy you need to worry about, but also pay attention to your costume options. Don’t use eyeliner to fake a missing tooth as this can be dangerous. In addition, you’ll want to avoid using any prosthetics or fake teeth with your costume.

Make sure you talk to the dentist about any questions you have regarding Halloween activities and candies.