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Did you know that the first dentist in history was Hesy-Re, an Egyptian scribe and royal confidante who lived in 2600 BC?  From the time of the pyramids to the present day, dentistry has gone through quite an evolution, helped along by dentists whose work changed the way we understood and cared for our teeth. Here are seven people who made their mark on the history of dentistry.


The author of Artzney Buchlein

While both Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about dentistry, the first book wholly dedicated to the subject was Artzney Buchlein (the literal translation is "little book of medicine" but it's known as The Little Medicinal Book for All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth) published in Germany in 1530. While the authorship of the book is unclear, it was instrumental in the development of dentistry as a medical profession.


Pierre Fauchard

Known as "the Father of Modern Dentistry," 18th century French surgeon Fauchard transformed the field of dentistry by inventing dental tools and prosthetics, writing detailed guides to dental care and proposing that sugar acids were responsible for tooth decay, dispelling the myth of dental worms.


Greene Vardiman Black

An American dentist in the late 19th century, Black developed a system for identifying and cataloging caries lesions that is still used by dentists today, and invented the first pedal-driven dental drill.


Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris

Hayden and Harris established the first dental school in the world, the Baltimore College for Dental Surgery, in 1840.


William Thomas Green Morton

Because he was the first to use ether as a general anesthesia for surgery, Morton is considered to be the first anesthesiologist. He demonstrated the usefulness of this practice by performing the first "pain free" tooth extraction in 1846, which was a major advancement in the dental world.


Per-Ingvar Branemark

The last and most recent entry on our list, Branemark is known as the "Father of Dental Implantology" due to his work on osseointegration, the process by which a patient's jaw bone grows around and into an implant, anchoring the tooth.


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