Dentist Carrollton 3 Common Brushing Mistakes

Family Dentist in Carrollton, TX Helps Patients Avoid Brushing Mistakes

Brushing our teeth is something that we all do every day. In fact, brushing our teeth in the morning and at night has become so common that we usually don’t put too much thought into the way that we’re doing it. For the most part, we simply brush quickly, spit, rinse and move on with our day. 
Now, we know that brushing your teeth is a rather straightforward process and isn’t very difficult to do. However, there could be a few things that you’re doing that might be causing more harm than good. Today,your family dentist in Carrollton is going to look at the 3 most brushing mistakes people make while brushing their teeth and how you can avoid them.
Not Being Gentle Enough
It’s crucial to remember that you aren’t cleaning your teeth any better by brushing them harder. In fact, by brushing too hard, you can wear away at the protective enamel layer of your teeth and even cause your gums to recede. 
The best way to avoid this is to take your time and to brush gently, especially while brushing near the gum line. Try to brush in a small circular motion or short strokes away from your gums, as opposed to roughly brushing back and forth. Also, it’s a good idea to only ever use a toothbrush that has softer bristles on it.
Not Using the Proper Brush
As we’ve mentioned, you’re going to want to use a softer brush. But, another thing to remember is to use a brush that is the proper size for your mouth. Each one of us has a different size mouth, therefore, it’s important to select a toothbrush that is right for you. 
Remember that a larger toothbrush is not going to clean your teeth any better than a smaller one. In fact, by using a smaller brush, it’s much easier to maneuver the brush around your mouth and you also won’t have to strain to keep your mouth open as wide while you’re brushing. 
Not Brushing Long Enough
Almost everyone knows that you should be brushing two or three times per day. However, on top of brushing at least twice per day, it’s important to brush for no less than two minutes and no longer than three. 
By not brushing long enough, you won’t be giving the toothpaste and brush enough time to thoroughly scrub the surface of your teeth. And, by brushing for too long, you can begin to wear away at your enamel.
A good idea to help you brush for the right amount of time is to use a kitchen timer or a stopwatch. Simply set the timer and then start brushing gently until the timer dings. Then, spit, rinse and you’ll be ready to take on the day with clean teeth and fresh breath.
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